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We believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal, and  3-4 cups of Chaai outside the home, is an average figure of 80%  tea consuming population of India. Our primary focus is to cater to this market and provide them with best brewed gourmet Chaai in their local area.

Let's Talk Chaai Business


We are not into Franchising business as we believe that Chaai brewing is not a rocket science. But there is an enormous scope  and opportunity for this business to be recognized and organized. Every person seeking to sip a cup of Chaai outside his home surely looks for a home made taste and hygiene.


​With this growing demand for high-quality gourmet Chaai and great service, we will capitalize on our brand by laying a nation-wide network of Chaai Bar Outlets and increasing our proximity in every popular or mass visited place for people and our loyal guests. Our common standards, mass presence, taste, service and hygiene will earn us the required brand loyalty.

Think !

Think of a time when all Chaai outlets in India are branded under one common umbrella “Chaai Bar”.

Think of the movement that will grow & build up.

Think of the revolution in the brewed tea business, leading us to establish our brand and proximity in every nuke & corner of our country.

Think of enormous employment opportunities we will be creating for job seekers in this category and segment.

Think of humongous work force we will create by providing an easiest job opportunity equivalent to a daily home chore.

​​Think of a movement where academically or financially challenged people of our country will require the least skill set to join and can be groomed whilst on the job.

​Think of all local Chaai vendors who are ready to join this organized Chaai business and get decently paid with fixed income.

Low Space Cost !

Limited Budgets ! 

​Minimum Overheads !

​Zero Advertisements !

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